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Moonlight(Pvz Fanfic)-Part 1 Smokes by AlanMarsters Moonlight(Pvz Fanfic)-Part 1 Smokes by AlanMarsters

(The Night Before Present Day)…

One day Before the mission codenamed “Operation: Nuclear” a bunch of other plants were also hanging around inside a dark green military tent.. Lieutenant Withers is thinking about the upcoming mission.
He looks at Partner.

Lieutenant: "I'm going home tomorrow..."

Jack Gave him a confused look.

Lieutenant: "...Don't wanna fight anymore."

Jack: "..."

Lieutenant: "What about you?"

Jack: "..."

Lieutenant:"Well I think when I get back, I think I'll start my dad's Pizza business up again redesign it,get better employees
ya know?..have a normal life?"


Lieutenant: *sigh* " barely say anything"

Jack: "..."

Lieutenant: "You're not one for conversations...right.”

Jack: "..."

They both sit in silence few minutes, but the Lieutenant hates not talking.

Lieutenant: "...saw you checkin out that So-flare chick the other day."

Jack responded by glaring at his partner

Lieutenant: "I could hook you up if you wanted, although I don't think you got much a chance. I heard she's got a thing
for that other Peashooter chick 'Penelopea'"


Jack reaches in his backpack and fiddles around in the pockets for his smokes but realises he doesn’t have any left.

Jack: "..."

Lieutenant: "What?"

Jack: "..."

Lieutenant: "Oh..."

Jack stays silent for a bit then looks at his friend

Lieutenant: “What?”

Jack: "..."

Lieutenant: "I don’t smoke, Jack"

Jack: "..."

The purple haired agent pea gets up and looks over to a sunflower sitting on her bed texting on her phone.

Lieutenant Withers watches his partner walk up to the fire flower wearing silver aviators and he just stands there without saying anything
to her.

Alison: "Yes?"


Alison:"Can I help you?"

Jack: "..."

She then notices who she's trying to talk too.

Alison: "Oh...I do actually have a pack here for my...nevermind here you go"

She hands him a pack of cigs then goes back to texting

Jack then lights a cigarette and walks out of the tent. Then the Lieutenant mutters.

Lieutenant: "That's like the fifth smoke he's had in the last half does he do it?"

(Present Day)

The two hid behind some brush that was less than a kilometer from the plant, the undead patrolling every sector of the outside
...this was suicide.

But the Lieutenant was determined he didn't want to fight anymore and would do anything to leave except now, it doesn't look
like he is...he'll be sent home in a body bag.

As for his partner Jack it was sad that he was staying to fight.

Lieutenant: "You really wanna stay?"


The Lieutenant give a sad sigh.


Lieutenant: "Well if ya do leave some day come to Neon City...that's where I live."

Jack nods slowly then goes back to smoking.

(1 Hour Later)
It's time to go...the plan is simple...don't die

As the Lieutenant entered through the back entrance his partner entered through the front doors his Scar-H at the ready.
Blood splattered everywhere for just about every kill they got, Jack wanted to make sure that all of them stopped breathing.

The Lieutenant charged up his plasma cannon and released it on a group of,guts,organs,limbs scattered across the room almost painting it.

Jack on the other hand had almost cleared out his half of the Plant at this point he was basically going around shooting bodies of the undead for fun until he saw
one of them in a white suit, Blue shirt crawling towards a radio on the floor.

He purple haired peashooter  simply walked towards the dying teenage zombie and to the radio lying on the floor, He picked it up and looked at the zombie in the white suit 
lying on the floor.

Son:"Pozhaluysta, ne ... Ne ubivayte menya Pozhaluysta!"


He walked over to the zombie and turned him over and got on top and what came next was...rather satisfying for Jack.
He started beating the zombie to death with the radio, the piece of metal easily crushing through bits of bone in his skull, Jack stopped for a breather

Son:"Moy papa sobirayetsya srazhat'sya za eto ..." and with those words his eyes rolled up into what was left of his head.

Jack got up covered in blood and continued to where his partner was leaving a huge trail of bodies behind him.

The Lieutenant was struggling trying to get rid of zombies Guarding a vault while taking cover behind some delivery crates.
Then he had an idea there was a dead soldier lying beside him, he grabbed the stink cloud off his belt and through it in the direction of the attackers.

I exploded into a purple gas that smelt like a skunks ass, he then charged up several plasma shots and fired them into the cloud killing all five of the soldiers.
He then started to proceed past the vault but then stopped as he noticed what was inside...tons and tons of gold bars stacked on top of eachother.

"Holy sh*t" the Lieutenant thought to himself. "If I get out of here and go home...I could atleast have awesome rich life...nice car, nice apartment and a hot girlfriend-" he then snapped out of daydream said that he'll save that for later when he's not in middle of a mission.

He ran to the golden stacks and put three large bars into his bag. "That'll be enough he thought roughly ten million in cash." He knew this because his dad
used to smelt gold and made helluva profit off it to bad he left his mom. Anyway back to the mission.

A single guard was guarding the main office, sweat all over his face trembling in fear while holding his gun he was in a short corridor with two open doors the one on the left was open the other was closed.

The closed door started to open, the undead guard spun around and aimed at it and saw a Plasma pea frozen staring back at him not daring a scared look on his face.

Guard: "D-d-d-don't move or I'll end you! ya hear me!?" the Guard screamed 

The Lieutenant was about to reply but instead a shot rang out from the other door. Red began to form around the Guards chest. He collapses.

Jack walks up behind and unloads the full clip of his pistol into the back of the Zombies head blood squirts everywhere.




They both approached the door to the main office the general had to be in there.

Lieutenant:"Right how do you wanna play this?"


Without warning jack bursts open the door and aims his rifle at the general behind the desk.

He's got a revolver pointing at his own head, he stares at them. They stare back.

Lieutenant:"Looks like he's lost it" he whispers to Jack

The General then pulls the trigger and the top part of his head is removed by the force of the bullet. He then falls forward onto the desk his rotten brains spilling all over the brown surface...Mission Accomplished.

The small celebration was cut short by the sound of a loud siren.

Lieutenant:"I think we should go-"

He was cut off by a loud automated voice.


Lieutenant:"Yep! we're leaving!! come on we're taking the elevator!"

That was one of the biggest mistakes he made in his life...

Jack was in front while the 
Lieutenant followed behind.

He was about to enter the elevator when it suddenly exploded causing Jack to fly back into the wall then then slump against it, Jacks blood spread across the wall and floor.

Lieutenant: "SH*T F*CK F*CK!!"


Alison belongs
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