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Moonlight (Pvz Fanfic) Part 2-The Way Home by AlanMarsters Moonlight (Pvz Fanfic) Part 2-The Way Home by AlanMarsters……

(Grammar and spelling issues may very)
(Also Tell me what you think about the music)

He was about to enter the elevator when it suddenly exploded causing Jack to fly back into the wall then then slump against it, Jacks blood spread across the wall and floor. -Music

Lieutenant: "SH*T F*CK F*CK!!"

The Lieutenant ran over to his badly wounded friend to observe his injuries

Lieutenant: "Oh god..."

Jack had a large amount of large deep cuts in his head
along with a huge one at the lower part of his stem (Stomach) blood gushing out.    

The evacuation siren was not making things any better but he could hear and see Jack Coughing out blood his eyes slightly

The Lieutenant did not have any medical supplies on hims, even if he did
he wouldn't have enough time to patch Jack up in time.

Jack was in no shape to walk So his only choice was to carry him out...

Lieutenant: "Come on buddy I'm getting you outta here!!"

He grabbed his partner, Jack had one arm over his shoulder while his other was holding his open wound.
His eyes completely shut trying to deal with the pain.

Lieutenant: "C-Come on we're taking the other elevator to the underground caves!"

Jack: *Cough*

They both moved slowly towards the elevator to the underground past all the dead bodies of the undead.
Jack was losing lots of blood.

The Lieutenant and his partner entered and the doors closed just as a large explosion erupted down the corridor almost burning the two.

The siren was dying out as they descended deeper underground. The Lieutenant was still holding his partner...Jack's eyes still closed.

Lieutenant: "W-Wouldn't mind some elevator music right about now."

Jack: *Deep Breathing*

The elevator doors opened revealing an unfinished corridor a light at the end was visible.

Lieutenant: "There's the way out...come on buddy."

The Lieutenant and his partner slowly walked to the light, the fresh air hit both their faces. The Lieutenant wanted to
stop and take a breather the gold bars in his backpack were weighing him down a bit, but he wasn't gonna ditch them.

They were only a few meters from the exit when the entire Plant exploded almost deafening the two...


Lieutenant: "This is Lieutenant Withers I need..I..."

Radio: "Did not copy that! over!"

Lieutenant: "...I need...I need a Casevac here! I'm approximately one mile north from camp and step on it! He's Bleeding out!!!"

He puts away the radio and runs back over to his partner.

He was slumping against a log, slowing breathing his eyes only slightly opened.

The Lieutenant took off Jack's backpack and laid him on the ground Jacks hand (Peapod hand) still covering his wound.

Jacks partner is trying his best not to tear up...he's gotten used to his friends dying in front of him but...for it too
be Jack...

Lieutenant: "H-Hang on pal *sniff* they'll be here real soon."

Jack: "..."

He was trying not to fully close his eyes, it was almost to much for the Lieutenant to stand.

The distant sound of chopper was heard. As tears started to fall from the Lieutenants eyes.

Lieutenant: "N0!..*sniff*...DON'T CLOSE YOUR EYES!..*sniff*...DON'T YOU F*CKING DARE!!"

As the silhouette of the Chopper neared the two soldiers, Jack stop breathing...his eyes still open.

Lieutenant: "F*ck!!!"

Jack: *Cough!* *Gasp!*

Jack started breathing again.

Meanwhile the Chopper had landed the rotor blades still spinning fast causing the the leaves and dirt to blow up into the air.

Lieutenant: "Thank God"

The Chopper door opened and out hopped three other soldiers of their unit. Penelopea,Solar Flare and N.C.

N.C: "Holy sh*t! you two alright!?"

Lieutenant: "No!!"

N.C: "Sorry shouldn't of asked."

The Female peashooter and the Fire flower put Jack on a stretcher leaving a huge stain of blood in the dirt and grass.


As the Chopper roared through the sky the Lieutenant was staring his unconscious friend who was on the stretcher in front of

Solar Flare: " okay Brad?"

Lieutenant: "..."

Solar Flare: "He's going to be fine..."


Solar Flare: "..."


Back at camp Solar Flare was still working on Bradley's friend inside the medical tent.

Meanwhile outside Kernal Corn was speaking with Brad.

Kernel Corn: "You surprised be completely honest with you son"

Lieutenant: "May I ask why Sir?"

Kernel Corn: "Well you two cleared out an entire Nuclear Plant that was booby trapped I must say...I'm Impressed with you son"

Lieutenant: "Thank you Sir."

The two both stood in silence both looking at the Medical Tent where Jack was being treated.

Kernel Corn: "He'll be fine son"

Lieutenant: "..."

Kernel Corn: "Solar is one of the finest medics here, she's saved many plants... Solar Flare...sounds like a superhero eh?"

Lieutenant: "I guess your right about that sir."

They both laughed a bit...

Kernal Corn: "You packed and ready to go home son? the Plane leaves in an hour and a half."

Lieutenant: "Yes sir but..."

Kernal Corn: "You want to stay to see if your friend's alright"

Kernel Corn: "Well I'll let you think it out...if you stay that means you'll be here another month before you can go home..."

Lieutenant: "Yes Sir"

Kernal Corn walks off leaving the Plasma pea to himself.

(1 hour later)

Inside the medical tent Solar Flare had just finished with Jack and was now wrapping Jacks head up.

Solar was covered in Jacks blood, she didn't seem too disturbed.

S.F: "There, all done"

Lieutenant: "Thanks Solar."

Solar took a second look at Brad and noticed that he had a duffle bag on his back and is holding a backpack.
She then made a conclusion that he was leaving to go home.

S.F: "You going home?"

Lieutenant: "Yeah."

He looks at his friend lying on the military bed.

Lieutenant: "...When is he gonna wake up?"

S.F: "To be honest...I don't know...hours,days,months-"

Lieutenant: "-Years?"

S.F: "No that means he's...Look, that explosion really messed up his head...I don't know if he can fight with us after he wakes up."

Lieutenant: "..."

Just then an announcement was made through the loud speakers of the camp.


Lieutenant: "..."

S.F: "Well...I guess this is goodbye..."

Lieutenant: "We'll see eachother again some day..."

S.F: "..."

Brad walks up to Jack then looks at Solar and throws her the backpack he was carrying She catched but was pushed back a bit because of it's weight.

Lieutenant: "I need you to make me a promise Solar..."

S.F: "..."

Lieutenant: "...If or when he wakes up...give that backpack to him."

S.F: "Okay...sure."

Lieutenant: "...Thank you..."

Brad then turns to leave the tent but then stops and turns around.

Lieutenant: "Oh one last thing..."

S.F: "Hm?"

Lieutenant: "You should go on a date with him...I think he likes you."

Solar blushes deeply her face turning red.

Lieutenant: "Heh Heh...see ya around."

S.F: "...yeah...see ya."

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